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Jackie Morris: Press

"Wow and wow...(this) CD is really lovely. A great collection of story songs....Smart production - simple but there is lots of texture."
Joyce Woodson - Winner, Will Rogers Academy of Western Artists "Best Female Performer," and Western Music Association "Song of the Year"
"I love the melodies and lyrics to your songs,the messages and the variety of themes...I especially enjoyed the lovely sweetness of your voice and how much warmth you really pulls in the listener...very captivating and I love the little touches - a spoken word here and there, a little upward twist with the melody, a trill - they all come at unexpected times...all delightful surprises! And from your voice, I can see your smile and the twinkle in your eye.

"Hearing you sing makes me feel like I am wrapped in a warm blanket, with a little wink and a little hint of spice!'
Lucy Billings - Folk and Americana Recording Artist
"I've got your new CD and I'm enjoying it! It has such a lovely sound, not too much production and not too sparse. It's kind of elegant and understated like your songs."
Lorie McCloud - Singer/Songwriter, Kerrville Finalist
"These songs are phenomenal. They're subtle, suggestive, and both musically and lyrically, full of surprises....I love how the details in the stories have wider ramifications. I love how, though each song is quiet, each one packs a walling punch. And I love the sane gentle politics of the songs."
Barbara Thorburn, Newton, MA - Author, "I'd Revere Verdi: Palindromes for the Serious Music Lover"
"Jackie's voice is sweet and clear. Actually, it's pretty darn silky....Oh, one more thing, this gal can whistle!"


(for "Money to Burn")

“JackieMorris is a fabulous songwriter….(She) plays folk music that’s informed by a wealth of different styles, with lyrics that are in turn touching, funny, poignant and authentic…Her voice is exceedingly pleasant…She has a wealth of songwriting talent that can’t stay hidden for long. Money To Burn is exquisite.”
(for "Money to Burn")

"This second effort by the urban cowgirl from Carpenteria shows the maturity that comes with dedication, hard work and much more than a little talent....Money to Burn offers its own variety of stories, tributes and enchanting melodies…that will have a place in the library of folk and singer/songwriter enthusiasts as well as anyone who likes acoustic-style music."
(for "Money to Burn")

"A joy to listen to...warm and humorous...poignant and thought provoking...lively and lots of fun...This CD sparkles!"

"Your songs are lovely, serious, fun and honest."
Ivy P. King, Santa Barbara, CA

"You've done what the best poets aspire to, that is, to take very concrete details and from them evoke a much deeper, richer, metaphorical, emotional world. And you've done it with humor, wit, compassion, and seriousness. The music alone is lovely, exciting, and memorable. And each song is genuinely moving in its own unique way."
Barbara Thorburn, Newton, MA


(for Where the Legends Grow Like Weeds:)
“Jackie Morris’ CD really is a gem.”
Andy Doerr, host, "The RoadTunes Sessions," KCSB
"Her rich lyricism approaches, at moments, Marty Robbins. Like Robbins...Morris compresses existing stories into song format, culling from true-to-life stories."
Charles Martin -
“The album …bring(s) back the memory of the high tide mark of the traditional C and W genre, although Morris also includes elements of country as well as bluegrass, folk and blues. In part, thanks to her crystal-clear voice and the accomplished string playing of multi-instrumentalist David West, she is able to distill a unique sound of her own from the blend of all these styles.”
Benny Metten -, Belgium
"Clever songwriting is tucked inside each song.'
J-Sin - Smother Magazine



'Thank you so much for participating (in the SCAPE exhibit). I received so many thank you's for recommending you. Everyone thought you were great....Your voice is so beautiful, so clean and sparkly. I love the bluesy, country, ballady style of your sound."
Marty Hart Lee, artist - SCAPE Art Show, Santa Barbara, CA
"Dear Jackie, thank you so much for bringing your "true stories", positive energy and fans to the best attended First Friday at Palm Loft Gallery ever. You and Cinder were great, your voices blended beautifully, and the whole presentation was very professional."
Arturo Tello - Venue Host, Palm Loft Gallery, Carpinteria, CA

"Honey! Your CD release was a total and complete success. You got a standing ovation!!!! And so well deserved. You are a FABULOUS entertainer. As much as I enjoy your CD (and I am currently enjoying it right now...), your greatest gift is entertaining. I wish you could have seen all those faces just beaming up at you with huge smiles. And then they were right there with you on your more touching songs. You don’t even know you’re doing it, but you are absolutely charming and so FUN!

"Your songs are wonderful. You have so much to say and you say it so well."
Annie J. Dahlgren, singer-songwriter, Santa Barbara, CA - RE: "Money to Burn" CD Release Party

" You were so incredibly wonderful on stage last night.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you the best of the best for this album and your unique, qirky brilliant music!"
Jill Whitmore, singer-songwriter, Santa Barbara, CA - RE: "Money to Burn" CD Release Party

"You were brilliant!"
Susan Cappiello, Esq., Santa Barbara, CA - RE: "Money to Burn" CD Release Party

"Fantastic...pure joy to be there. Not only were your songs wonderful...I either laughed, smiled or had a tear for each one...but I could feel the warmth and love throughout the room. It was an evening I will always remember and cherish."
Cecia Hess, Santa Barbara, CA - RE: "Money to Burn" CD Release Party
"You were AWESOME! The band was super!....And your stage warmth is just lovely.
Really loed the new songs and writing!"
Sandy P. Jones, writer, bassist - RE: "Tell Me a Story" CD Release Concert (May 20, 2011)
"Jackie, Just a Great show the other night....Been on both sides of the stage when you've played many times....this was perhaps your best! Congrats!"
Mark Alciati, singer/songwriter - RE: "Tell Me a Story" CD Release Concert (May 20, 2011)
"What a wonderful evening....The music was beautiful...the musicians playing with you were wonderful...and you are terrific on stage....I am definitely a Jackie Morris groupie...and proud of it."
Cecia Hess, Santa Barbara, CA - RE: "Tell Me a Story" CD Release Concert (May 20, 2011)
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