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Jackie Morris: Music

Sailing Away

(Jackie Morris)

Whistling Intro  


Sailing away

On a ship with no anchor

On a course without compass

Only stars.

Drifting by day

In a sea of mixed meaning

Such a small lonely vessel

Like a ship in a jar.



Tossed around

Lost and found

Still I’m so far from shore.

But at least, I’m the captain

I’m not first mate anymore.


Sailing away

Though the sky looks uncertain

The horizon a curtain

Come what may.

Leaving behind

That old cargo of sorrow

There’s just now and tomorrow

Where I’m bound, I can’t say.



But if we pass

In the night

Shine your light

Shine it bright

For we’re so far from shore.

But at least, we’re the captains

We’re not first mates anymore.


At last, we’re the captains

We’ve got oceans to explore.


(Whistling Outro)


Sail away

Sail away

Sail away, brave soul

Sail away.