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Jackie Morris: Music

Tell Me a Story

(Jackie Morris)
Down the backroads, ‘round the bend
Past the orchard, here I come again
Trading stories of now and then
I’ve come to see you my old friend.

Ah my friend, my old friend
It’s so good to see your face again
There are so many years now
Gone ‘round that bend
Tell me a story, and help me to mend.

I’ll tell you ‘bout Jesse. Tell me ‘bout John
We’ll talk about times when it’s best to just move on
I’ll tell you the truth ‘bout my lover who lied
You and I know we both tried.

Tell me a story and I’ll tell you mine
Pour out your heart as I pour out the wine
Don’t talk about the weather
Don’t talk about the news
Just tell me a story. It’s good for the blues.

Ah my friend, my old friend
I’ve known you too long to pretend
The road may be winding, but there in the end
We’ll talk all about it and laugh once again.

Yeah, tell me a story
We’ll laugh once again.